The Class of 1960's 55th Reunion (October 3, 2015)
The Class of 60 Has Made History

Pictures shown below courtesy of Pat McBride-Sierra

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Chester LaPointe and Hugh Weeks Jolene LaPointe and Mary Levy
Carole Thomas & Salvadore Sierra Nola Martin & Angelica Hernandez
Angelica and Richard Hernandez Dean Martin and Nola Martin
Betty Jo Wade-Merwin Brian Hewitt and Kathy Healey-Gumberger
Linda Rilley-Burney and Brent Burney Brent and Kathy
Carolyn Chelette-Monte and Clyde Wade

Gary Foster, Thomas Cunningham & Hyer Mashburn

Norma Sebastian-Ezer, Marga Umphrey-Carlsen &
Toni Holberg-Noble
Leroy Ezer and Norma
Pat McBride-Sierra and Salvador Sierra Betty Jo Wade-Merwin & Pat
Wanda Schamber-Borne, Tommie Ann Sawyer-Hays
and Marga Umphrey-Carlsen
Cynthia Weeks
Nola Martin, Angelica Hernandez, Luther DeCour & Gloria DeCuir Pat, Norma, Carole, Wanda & Judy