The Class of 1960's 55th Reunion (October 3, 2015)
The Class of 60 Has Made History

Saturday Night (October 3) at the Pompano Club in Port Neches, TX
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Thomas Cunningham and Ramon Hill
Alice White-Calhoun and John Calhoun
Marianne Meier-Pearce, Thomas and Carolyn Branch-Dodds
Janice Hays-Crockett & Linda Owens-Foster
Lois Parks and Preston Parks
Dean Martin and Nola Martin
Hugh Weeks and Cynthia Weeks
Marga Umphrey-Carlsen and Bill Carlsen
Carole Thomas, Ronald Colichia and Toni Holberg-Nobles
Beverly Gracey, Mike Gracey and Linda Dorion-Ferguson
Bonnie Ransonette-Gutel and Robert Gutel
Richard Hernandez and Angelica Hernandez
Carole, Ronald, Sheila Chesser-Kiefer & Janice
Pat McBride-Sierra, Ronald, Sheila, Janice and Carol
Hal Wiggins, Renee Wiggins, Janice Hays-Crockett & Garland Crockett