The Class of 1960's 55th Reunion (October 3, 2015)
The Class of 60 Has Made History

Friday Night (October 2 at the Home of VJ Harper)


VJ Harper and Cheryl Harper


Pat McBride-Sierra Sheila Chesser-Kiefer
Ramon Hill and Mike Mills Mike Gracey, Salvador Sierra and Tip McClelland
Luther DeCuir and Gloria DeCuir Marianne Meier-Pearce
Betty Jo Wade-Merwin Cynthia Weeks, Tommie Ann Sawyer-Hays & Hugh Weeks
Lynda Litchfield-McClelland, Marianne & Cheryl Buvinghausen-Doyle Mike Gracey and ChesterLaPointe
Bill Green & Hyer Mashburn VJ and Kathy Healey-Gumberger
Rita and Barry Davis Carolyn Branch-Dodds, Hyer and Marianne
Marga Umphrey-Carlsen and Tommie Ann Sawyer-Hays